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I have a question about the Referrals. I know that 2 Friends have registered about my Link but I cant find them in refferals.
Could someone help me or explain me how to see the people who register ?

Many Thanks

Kind regards


  • 1. Go to refer & win
    2. click either Statistics of Referrals

    if you still can't see them, you should contact a mod or the community manager. good luck!
  • You can also ask them to check their e-mail spam folder, confirmation is required to see them, if not come to discord and ask a mod.
  • They need to validiate their email before they show up in your referal. If you have more people refered, you can't check which specific referal refers to whom. It's annonymus
  • Should there names ?

    If I go to refer and win - statistics I see:

    None set 3 2 0 0.00%

    should I see them into refferals ?
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