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Client game servers, location/s, Numbers and latency compensation?

Any info regard how game server are being approached?
will there be 1 main mega server* system
or a number of smaller servers managing player populations?

As an Australian online gamer with a many MMO years experience, I am fully aware that my part of the world gets over looked for server placement. Having to decide between NA and EU regions often with high ping/skill latency penalties as a result.

How if at all AoC plans to manage its server systems, and what if any systems will be in place to minimize/compensate for high ping latency issues?


  • They will place servers everywhere as far as I know.
  • I'm pretty sure there will be regional servers just to keep the game playable for everyone across the globe.
  • In the Q&A they mentioned that they into to bring servers everywhere. They said something along the lines of "so long as there are players in a region, there will be a server." An oceanic server has practically already been confirmed as far as I've interpreted it. As for latency management, I imagine that they will run the standard formulas typical in modern mmo.
  • That is encouraging,

    Most western MMO's i have been involved with only cater for NA and EU often resulting in PING in excess of 150ms.
    And server touted as oceanic only by namesake yet still located in the northern hemisphere.

    Though I am more or less accustomed to high latency play it would be nice to not have an inherent disadvantage to the majority of the player base.
  • Server will be placed according to demand.
    There are many australian players chewing off stevens ear on discord.
    I very much doubt you will have any issues in that regard :D
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