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Time to introduce myself!

Greetings fellow gamers!

My name is wishsdark A.K.A Ignace, and i have been subscribed to this wonderful piece of art in making for half a year or so now but i never took the time to introduce myself, so here goes nothing!

I'm from a very small village located in East Flanders, Belgium (the land of delicious chocolate, fries and awesome beer!) and ever since i knew how to work a computer i've been absolutely in love with gaming particularly mmo's and good lore fantasy story games! I'm a 20 year old truck driver who wishes he could be a knight slaying evil and all that kind of good stuff.

I am really looking forward getting to know you all better and making a ton of friends and most importantly be of service to this young and growing community!


  • Greetings fellow Belgian :)
  • Welkom and Welcome. xD
  • [quote quote=11607]Greetings fellow Belgian <img alt="????" src="" />


    It's great to know that there are already fellow Belgians on this forum! :)
  • Welcome Wishsdark! Good to have you join us friend! Sound like a nice place to live.
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