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Hello fellow enthusiasts!

Hello there,

I'm Bram, 29 from Belgium, and I can't wait to get into the Kickstarter adventure.

I have been playing MMO's ever since the launch of Lord of the Rings Online. I've been guild leader for about 8 years, but due to house renovations my participation in gaming declined a fair amount. I haven't played anything for the past 2 years, but I'm now ready for the next adventure!

I'll need to find a new guild or rebuild my old one for this one.

Other than Ashes of Creations, I have also funded Star Citizen (to the extent that I am concierge) and Chronicles of Elyria (count tier) so that I'm sure I'll be able to have some new gaming experience soon. For Ashes of Creation, I'm fairly sure I'll go for the lifetime subscription tier. I feel I need to compensate for all the work and playtime lost due to renovations :D

See you all around!


  • Hey Welcome and Welkom ;) To the community.
  • Welcome to this ever growing community! I hope you'll stick around a very long time!
  • Welcome to the community!
  • Hi, welcome Agahnim! (or Bram)

    It's always cool to see yet another veteran MMO player joining up the waiting line :D You'd better to ready yourself for another couple of years of no-MMO-time since the game is scheduled to launch "before 2020". If you're lucky or you've got a fat wallet you may get an alpha key to the first alpha (scheduled to Q4 2017) from the weekly key drawings or you can buy alpha/beta access from the kickstarter campaign (these alpha/beta are scheduled to early 2018).

    If you're looking for a guild, I suggest you'd check the community discord channels #guild_recruitment or the forum's guild recruitment section. (Perhaps give me a pm in discord ;))

    Here's some useful links to hook up with info about the game and some other cool stuff:
    <a href="" target="_blank">Community made info document</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank">Lots of quotes from Steven in discord</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank">Official discord channel</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank">Information regarding the weekly key drawing system</a>
  • Welcome Agahnim! Come on in and take a seat around the fire friend!
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