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Is this free to play or what?

I heard it's a subscription and free to play game. But i don't understand how those two will work. Can someone ELI5?


  • No. There will be a subscription based system where you will have to pay a small fee to access the game. I do not know however if there will be a free to play trail version or not.
  • I'm dumb lol. The free to play they're talking about is referral thingy. I guess it's kinda like WoW then.
  • Well it is more like you can "earn" your subscription if you refer enough people. For example:

    An average MMORPG subscription is generally $14.99. Referrers earn 15% of that cost which comes out to approx. $2.25 per referee (minus any taxes/fees that are withheld for legal reasons if any). So lets just assume you get the full $2.25 each month that a referee subscribes to the game. If this case, if you refer 6-7 people you should have enough money on your account to pay for your subscription however that money is there for you to do with as you will. You could use it to pay for your subscription, use as currency for their cosmetics shop, or pay out to your bank account.

    So there it is. This is 100% a subscription game. There is no way to NOT pay the $14.99 a month to play however with referrals you could earn your subscription from getting your friends to play.

    Hope that cleared it up a bit!
  • The game it's not free to play it's 15$ a month but you can save some money by visiting this link below
  • The subscription fee is about $15 a month, it's not too high imo, certainly worth it. but if you can't afford to pay anything, find a bunch of friends who can, and draw them to this game. given the promise it shows, this shouldn't be a difficult task. when they pay, you get 15% of their expenses. so referrals worth $100 or above total will allow you to play for free. neat, if you ask me.
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