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Class genders

Are we going to see both genders on classes, or forced to choose a male/female if we wish to play a Warlock, for example?


  • I think we are free to play what we like. So class and race can be combined with all.
  • I think it will be free of choice. That way they can satisfy everybody by giving them the choice between race and gender
  • [quote quote=11641]I think we are free to play what we like. So class and race can be combined with all.


    Same toughts garry
  • Would some races have genders ?
    What if they were Asexual ?
    What if they required 3 or more unique sexes for that species to procreate ?
    So much humanist propaganda here :D
  • None of the classes will be gender or race locked.
  • Orc Summoner ftw
  • Lets be real here, tank tank orc ftw, like get 20 tank tank orcs boom, they can't win if you never die xD
  • Genderlock to me, really puts me off mmos. I dont know why you would incorporate it, please dont, it adds restraints and removes what is most suited to the player. essentially all it does is force players to choose something they dont want unless its coincidental. Race lock is more understandable, infact i like race lock because i dont understand how gnomes are meant to be tanks for example. This will also allow more variation in the world as races are necessary to classes. Also they should have their strengths if racelock were to be the case. Maybe for a gnomes small size they are faster on their feet making them ideal for rouge/light fighters. Another thing to consider is lore and nature to reflect the culture of every different race therefore making races known to certain characteristics. For example, if there is an elvern race, to me they would seem the most in-tune race for magic or nature based roles. They are also elegant yet sharp. Because of this they maybe every race has one class in which they are known for, specialise in and have additional features not necessarly to make them stronger and more effective than other racers but to add more character into the races and classes. Like humans would specialise in swordplay, elfs in magic, gnomes in light combat ect.
  • Hey xxvelocityxz, I'm pretty sure the devs already responded in that all races can use all classes, and that classes were not going to be gender locked or race locked. I' m not hundred percent sure as it was a week or so ago, but considering they are trying to push the envelope on mmo's and how locking those choices is against the sand box nature this game is trying to be, it is extremely likely, even if they haven't or had already said that classes will be locked, that eventually they will straight up tell us they are not locked. It doesn't make any sense why a game they want to be for the players and free form to have limitations on the very first part of the game, character creation.
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