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With the Kickstarter opening up soon, I'm curious if the Dev plan on adding P2W Cashshop or anything of that sort to the game. The game looks beautiful, but I don't want to support a P2W game.


  • No P2W confirmed. :)

    To give a more elaborate answer, you can read some of Steven's quotes about that and like a million other topics in this thread:

    Also, they answer some questions about their payment model in the video Q&A here:

    TLDR; This game will have a standard subscription model with no P2W aspects whatsoever. That's at least what we know for now.
  • This is not P2W in the kickstarter the items are only cosmetic although the game will be monthly pay 15$
  • This game will be a P2P game with a WOW\FFXIV cash shop. Both WOW and FFXIV cash shops are cosmetics and mounts.
  • [quote quote=11677]With the Kickstarter opening up soon, I’m curious if the Dev plan on adding P2W Cashshop or anything of that sort to the game. The game looks beautiful, but I don’t want to support a P2W game.


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  • Yea, no p2w, steven is gamer he knows what will ruin game. Hes not like Robert who writed in description on Star Citizen kickstarter no pay to win and hes selling ships on kickstarter site and later on official site.
  • Don't worry :)

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  • Steven is a gamer himself, he understands how annoying a p2w aspect is for both paying and non-paying players. he is strongly anti-p2w, and will work very hard to prevent any aspects, like gold sellers and bots. I've sworn to myself that I'll assist him the best I can, even though he probably doesn't know(internal screaming).
    And also, don't worry about the game getting into the hands of businessmen who only give a crap about money, because he's not going to hand over the game to anyone. he wants it to be the epic game of the century everyone wanted.
  • Thanks for the replies guys. I know I could have researched this but I have 0 personal time to mess around and have been watching the trailers and stuff on my work computer. Really appreciate the quick replies.
  • The game dev's doesn't intend to make it P2W because they're making it more fully immersive and more all about what players can do by their selves without easy items that you can get.
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