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[NA] Mercenaries of Creation [PvP/PvE] We'll do it, if it pays right.

How's it goin'?

After hearing about this game a bit ago, my mind went wild with ideas of how the community could push this game into the next level. The mechanics of this game scream for guilds like the one I'm going to try and create. More information will be published as it comes, still trying to work out the beginning wrinkles.

The main objective of this guild will be first and foremost a group of mercenaries. It'll be all about making the coin and going where the work is. This can range from following the inevitable wars of the lands to the sabotage and/or protection of valuable caravans between nations. We'll be where the money is at.

The guild will have a strict 18+ with very few exceptions to that rule. Players sub 18, will be put into a trial basis until deemed fit to join. Players don't HAVE to be okay will PKing, but it's highly sought after due to the nature of some of our future jobs.

I'm currently looking for some 2nds and 3rds in command. For the time being the guild will have an open door policy as the foundation is formed. Once the game starts to solidify, so will the guild.

There's currently no 3rd party sites of apps to communicate or group in, those will be provided if an interest is shown in this idea.

Man Slayer
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