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HI ( ͡°ل͜ ͡°)ノ

Hello, call me Khan.
I landed here in the never ending quest for the MMOs Holy Grail. Now the wait begins yet again.

On the line of: "Tell me what games you play and I'll tell you who you are"... My ideal game would have a real time action combat... let's say a mixture of Blade & Soul, TERA and Black Desert, so a K-style one; a multiclassing system between FFXIV and Archeage; good graphics; an immersive world like Everquest or Guild Wars 1 and 2 and I'd like to have a complex crafting system, also for god sake let it be meaningful, so no full armor/weapon sets droped by mobs and bosses let them drop materials!

I want to see in this game/project the resurrection of EQN so I'll be lurking around now and then to follow the progress and see if I can finally rest after the long questing.


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