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Effects of lossing a sige?

Does failing a sige (the attackers being defeated) punish/harm the attackers in any way other then having lost?
I mean, the amount of militery power needed to take down a metropolis, would be massive (both IRL and ingame), both in manpower and in resources (money, materials, supplies, ex.) Will that be visible ingame?
cause realisticly, after failing to sige a metropolis, your own city/metropolis would be severly starved of militery power, as well as hurt economicly since you invested a large sum of money and resources without getting any payback, esencial wasting it. (the loss of both would of cause vary depending on how severly you was beaten, and if you called a well timed tatical retreat ex.)

You already said/wrote that things like resources (I believe trees was the example) would not just respawn within a few minutes, and I personaly find that concept amazing. But I believe that the same rule should also apply for the NPC's you will loss during the sige (the many archers in the video make me believe that there will also be NPS soldiers participating in the sige). So that counter attacking the people who just siged you and failed will posible be a great stratigical option.

That would also mean that siges would be more meaningful (not that they arn't already, but more is better), since it's a heavy risk vs reward situation.

I'm sorry that it's a bit long, but I'm REALLY excited for this game, and I HOPE it can live up to the very high expectations I, (and from the sound of it, a whole lot of other people) have for it.

Beside that, the only thing I have left to say is: have a nice day :)

TL;DR: Will losing a sige resault in your city/metropolic suffering a temporary loss of militery power, as well as economical trouble due to a loss of resources?


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    Regarding sieges, we do know that failed sieges will result in cooldowns for the next possible siege declaration. The way they've worded it, sieges should not happen <em>too</em> frequently, and when they do, they will be impactful regardless of failure or success.

    I see a lot of these questions about certain in game mechanics. I think you've really answered your questions. Something I've seen a lot in this game's vision and philosophies are its emphasis on cohesiveness. I think many of these questions can be answered by asking "If x and y exist, doesn't that mean that z exists?" What I mean is this game should respond to all likelihoods of realistic and mechanically sound game design. So in short yes.
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    Hi TempleShark!

    No information except the cost of the siege(which is already a lot) which you mentioned, come to discord maybe someone can help you.

    At the end of the nodes part 2 video Steven hints at it by saying if the siege fails the status quo will endure which could mean the defenders can counter attack with less resources required but I'm guessing only.
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