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Is this game free to play?


  • Nope. ATM there will be a $15 sub and no box cost.
  • thankyou
  • I could be free for you though if you refer enough people through the Referral System.

    If my math is right, you need to refer 7 people who pay at minimum the $15 monthly sub to net you enough to essentially play "for free".
  • Do it buy to play.... Where i come from 15$ per month is alot... and one time pay is something possible to do.
  • During the Kickstarter there will be a lifetime sub package from my understanding it will be around 400.00 . They have already stated that this game will be a monthly subscription. Sorry if 15.00 a month is a lot where you come from, but you may benefit a lot from the lifetime sub if you plan on sticking around for awhile or as mentioned above, try to get referrals from people who pay their sub monthly.
  • @Perpared

    This game will not be free to play.

    However, these are ways to reduce the cost or even make it free to play.

    1) The upcoming Kickstarter will give a option to pay about $400 to give life time subscription to the game. With this package you will also gain a few other perks. Alfa and Beta access, mounts and some none revealed things.

    2) The Referral System. With this the more people to invite and they sign up. You gain 15% of anything those people spend for this game. There subscription and what they buy in the cash shop. You can use this to pay for your subscription.

    The reason for this is to give the game a steady income without having to resort to Pay 2 Win aspects like other games to compensate Free to Play access.
  • Well said Zackallic.

    I know not everyone has the same financial situation but I think this game has created a model that provides a healthy balance. It provides the developers the funds needed to update the game and allow it to succeed. Additionally it provides players an ability to reduce, or eliminate, the cost affiliated with the game.
  • [quote quote=12287]Do it buy to play…. Where i come from 15$ per month is alot… and one time pay is something possible to do.

    intrepid studios is fairly new and this game(judging by whats being told to us) has potential to surpass WoW the biggest mmo out there so don't you think its fair to ask for some money to help run a masterpiece like this one is most likely going to be? For crying out loud they are even deciding to not make this game pay to win and how many games can survive like that? its not like 15 dollars is the final price and depending on how many people support this game the price could change. Don't be selfish man 15 buck a month isn't going to kill you and if it is then you might as well just save up for the $400(price may vary) lifetime cost cause its not going to be pay to play cause it inconveniences a few people.
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