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Platypus Trading Consortium (Merchant/Artisan/PvE/PVP) (NA)

Hi there! My name is Sain.
I'd like to tell you a little bit about my business.
This, is the Platypus Trading Consortium, here we have members spanning from one side of the world to the other.
Now we are expanding in this new land! I'm offering you the chance to jump on board.

We are in need of,
New and seasoned adventurers,
Shrewd and canny merchants,
Master and appentice artisans,
Strong and brave men and women.

This consortium plans to establish a base of power (Economic node). From this node we will expand our trade contacts throughout the land. Our adventurers will seek new areas, Our artisans will gather and craft, Our merchants will buy and sell, Our warriors will protect the livelihood of each member under our protection. And those under the protection of our Allies.
We hope to inspire loyalty, trust and mutual benefit. Not only for us, but the entire land.

Unity... in this world, we need one another, we need to stand together! We are just individuals. But United we are more, we are safe, we are strong. Together we will not break, United we can NOT break!



  • Reserved+
  • Interested. Braver of Worlds backer, mmo veteran (WoW, SWtoR, GW/2, DCUO, ESO) looking to be merchant, crafter, fighter.
  • Interested. MMO veteran. Looking to be a merchant and artisan(spec tbd). Will likely play a summoner/bard/cleric.
    I recommend finding a coastal node or one near a lake, platypuses love water, plus natural bodies of water historically make a town more defensible (which i presume will be important when selecting a node), and I really want to see a tiki themed hut :P
  • Hi Grizzly2016, If you use discord, chuck me a message on discord my name is Sain#8595
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