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Roles in PvP

Okay, so mostly everyone who plays MMOs knows that there are currently really only 2 roles in base pvp (no other objective outside of killing the enemy team) which are the dps and the healer. Depending on the objective there could be other variants (like a flag runner, base protector, etc) but those are situational, and not present in any given fight.

Since this is looking like an MMO that has PvP baked in from the ground up, and not tacked on, are there plans for a Tank role currently?

I can expand on what I imagine a tank would be in an MMORPG, and it's similar to a tank in any PvE scenario, with the exception that the tank's taunt ability will immediately effect their target with a debuff that will last until the target fights back. Something like reduced resource regen/longer ability cool down/increased damage taken/reduced healing, etc, these are abilities that i feel are severely underrepresented in a lot of games in favor of a more streamlined, borderline, boring flow of combat.

Is this something that could potentially find its way into AoC or is there a reason this pvp tank mechanic seemed to have died with Warhammer Online?


  • Tanks are usually just another dps in PvP. Problem with having other roles is that its hard to balance. Unlike having just dps and healer where its pretty straight forward.
  • There is'nt much information on how classes will work as of the present.
  • In ESO (my current MMO) group PvP there are two additional roles in addition to healer and dd:
    - anti-enemy-cc: provide cc-protection buff
    - own cc: concentrate on rooting the enemy
    (and some groups construct hybrid roles)

    What roles there could be in AoC depends of course on how the classes will work, as Wishsdark says... looking forward to learning more about it... can't wait to play :)
  • This is part of the problem of baked in PVP. Someone has to be an idiot to pick a non pvp class unless they want to constantly beg people to protect them all the time when they go questing. If I'm going to solo at all, I definitely won't pick healer because what am I going to do, heal the bad guy to death?

    Only reason someone would even pick tank is if it has some cheesy grab ability but who is dumb enough to make an OWPVP game with a yoshi like grab ability that nobody can escape from until they are dead. I bet in a game like that, only 5% of the population would even stick around to hit the soft level cap...
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