Potential useful bird pets?

Suh m'dudes, so i had this idea yesterday of maybe having owls or hawks that you can send up in the air to survey the area showing potential ganking players while you're gathering on your map as a red blip, however keep the area pretty small so that its just enough to warn you from getting back stabbed but not enough for you to get miles away.


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    We know low-gliding birdlike mounts have been confirmed so this might not be too much of a stretch. The question is really to what extent pets will contribute to combat or overall survival. I think your idea is actually pretty amazing. Having real world benefits to pets would be really great. Most "combat" pets in mmos involve simple stat bonuses or buffs, so seeing a pet system with real, tangible mechanics would be pretty phenomenal in my opinion. Maybe have a fox/dog pet that could hunt or highlight specific flora/fauna. This could also open up room for another progression system. This idea could add a whole lot of weight to an typically mundane and forgettable mechanic. Maybe add that to our wish list of mechanics.
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    I really like how useful pets are in Black desert.

    For one they loot for you but they also have special skills such as identifying elite mobs, pinging flagged players or gathering nodes etc.

    but they also had passive buffs that would be applied when you have them out and fed. Cats would give life skill buffs, dogs might give combat XP buffs etc. I also liked how you could breed pets together to get higher tier pets with greater buffs.

    The only problem with their system was that you had to buy the pets via the cash shop. THAT I don't like. but if you could tame and breed pets in game like they did horses it would be an amazing thing to have in AoC.

    I also really really like the OP's idea of having the hawk be your "eyes in the sky" for your near vicinity.
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