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[NA /Global] - Alpha/Beta Guild (Hardcore/Theorycraft/Testing)

Hi guys,

I'll start with what will probably be the most important bit of information about this aspiring guild, "Ambition". Ambition will be a guild that I will be looking to run through the course of the Alpha and Beta tests, and will have a well defined purpose:

To bring together a collective of like-minded people who are interested in discovering the ins and outs of the games systems and mechanics, to be able to provide extremely well informed and factually driven feedback in regards to systems, mechanics, and balance.

A bit about me: I am one of the pioneer theory crafters for the game FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14 Online) in regards to it's PvP systems. I love taking a deep dive into the often "hidden" nature of a game's core systems and mechanics, in addition to developing META strategies and providing feedback on how (often very specifically) to adjust game balance.

At it's core, this guild will be for those with a similar mindset to my own. Since we are years away from launch, I am not looking to become the top rated PvPer, the richest player on the server, or kill the hardest dungeon boss. I want to really crack down on things like: class balance, the node system, crafting, class synergies, optimal sub-classes for each base class, gear builds, stat weights, optimal DPS rotations, and more. My belief is that with a focus on these things, and with a large enough group of dedicated testers, we can provide potent feedback to the development team and (hopefully) help shape the game for the better.

As far as the logistics of the guild go, it's not going to run like your typical guild. I will gladly grant anyone and everyone who joins whatever rank they want, as long as it is for the purpose of testing and exploration. Want to be the GM for a bit and test out the features? Sure, go for it. There will be no hierarchy, just a collective of equals. When it comes to feedback, my thoughts are to have a collaborative space for the guild to share ideas, critique and analyze data, and ultimately compile a list of information and feedback in a single space, which we will make public to the community.

If you are interested in getting involved, please connect with me either in this thread or (preferably) via discord at: King#0945

A short Q/A:

Q: What will happen to the guild after testing is over and the games goes live?

A: I do not currently have a vision for a live server guild. Once we get into testing, I will likely develop a stronger opinion on the direction.

Q: Do I have to actively help test to join the guild,?

A: Yes, I expect all members who join to have a like-minded goal.


  • Picked up a few people, but always looking for more. Thanks to those of you that have expressed interest in this area of the game.
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