My Speculation for Equipment Loot and Upgrades

I have a feeling their system will be something like this? Let me know what you think of my speculations.

Items in Ashes possibility (group play):

In the case that Ashes will be heavily dependent on item stats and in the case that Ashes will allow stat adjustments through scrolling, stones, gems, or some other RNG / rolling system...

Great drops should be acquired through RNG from non-raid bosses AND raid bosses. The rarity or "epic-ness" of an item should be capped in their dropped state; however, this "epic-ness" cap can be surpassed through the use of items obtained from the same bosses, as well as quests. These quests should be somewhat difficult either by collecting, killing, or some type of jump quest- or a combination of all three.

When a group of 3 or more players are participating in killing a boss or completing a raid, the RNG system will be Need or Greed; however, the game's system will know which characters benefit from certain items (I.E. Staff & Appropriate Mage or 1H-Sword & Appropriate Warrior). Once items have been passed up this way, the greed option will be opened to all who are participating.

The items that can be used to upgrade items in my prediction will be called Tracers.
Item upgrades can be done through 3 methods:
1. Applying Tracers to open slots on an item (slot amount varies based on an items Lvl. Requirements). Applying Tracers have a 100% success rate, but offer the least amount of stat changes.

2. Doing an extremely difficult quest for an item specialist (specialist's item upgrades do not fill the available slots) will allow you to select an existing stat on the item to be randomly increased or decreased by a percentage range (range is based on a formula of rarity, character level, and the item's level requirement). Using this method more than once will increase the quests difficulty when trying to upgrade an item already upgraded using this method.

The item specialist's item upgrades have a 100% success rate up until upgrade #4. Starting at #4, the specialist has a 10% chance to fail the upgrade, but not destroying the item. Every upgrade after this will accrue an addition 3% failure rate until a 48% failure rate has been reached. At this point, the failure rate will not increase any further, naturally.
There could be a possibility of bringing additional supplied to the specialist to decrease the failure rate (any ideas?).

3. The last method of raising item stats will be to use another form of Tracers- Corrupted Tracers. This item will reveal hidden lines of stats that will add elemental attributes AND positive stat percentages ranging from 1% to 5%. Once these lines of stats have been revealed, the only method of removing them in order to start over is by combining X number of Corrupted Tracers to create an Etherial Tracer. Bring this new item to the item specialist to remove ALL of the revealed stat lines. It will be as if you never used a Corrupted Tracer and you may once again reveal new stats with Corrupted Tracers. These revealed lines of stats may NOT be altered.

Corrupted Tracers and Etherial Tracers do NOT occupy unused slots.

Method 2 and method 3 offer the most potential in terms of increased item stat changes.

When a player is soloing, the equipment drops they are exposed to will be partially random. 100% chance to find an item their class can use for their level and 85% chance to find additional items usable and not usable by their class (will also be in their level range).
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