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1) It says there is a subscription model... so its not F2P?
2) Is there a solid release date?
3) Where is funding currently coming from?
4) Alpha/Beta Testing details?


  • This is what I have gathered so far, so it might not be 100% correct. But here goes:

    1) There will be a monthly subscribtion model, similar to WoW, but cheaper.
    2) No solid release date, the game was more or less reveiled this last september, so its in early stages.
    3) I read somewhere that the funding came from a wealthy guy wanting a MMO just like the wants it :)
    4) The only thing that comes to mind is in their latest video the description said something about weekly alpha/beta drawings, but no info on the starting date.

    This page might answer some of you questions: <a href="">FAQ</a>
    Hope this helps a tiny bit, but remember the information regarding the game is very weak right now, its mostly guess work, interviews and the FAQ I linked :)
  • @julemanden yeah thats all pretty accurate the only other info i have is that the "wealthy person" is actually Steven_aoc from what we understand he fronted the majority of the start up cash, with a kick-starter to come soon to help finish it off.

    now that its 2017 we may start to get more information once everyone gets back from holidays :)
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  • 1.) There is a subscription model that also gives 15% back to you for whatever you referrals pay. Meaning if you simply had 7 active subscriptions referrals then your subscription would basically be paid for itself. That or you could get it as a irl payment exchange. This helps grow communities because people who have large guild followings, or large youtubers/media can get a lot of people to refer into the game and build massive guilds around it. This also works on a player level because they can get just a few friends to join in the game, and get rewards for simply having your friends join.

    2.) No, but there has been alot of talk about Alpha/Beta testing. We will see more on this during the kickstarter campaign, and even participating in the forums actively can increase your chances of getting an invite into the early ones.

    3.) Yes, the creative developer actually put a large amount of money into starting this off. Quite a lot of people know him from various MMOs over the years, but almost all of them have had serious problems with one aspect or another. After doing a lot of research in the process of game development and acquiring a very experienced team to do so he set out with the newly made Intrepid Studios to make Ashes of Creation.

    4.) Alpha/Beta testing details will most likely get revealed to a larger extent when kickstarter hits off.
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