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My first Ashes video on my gaming channel :)!

Hello Everyone,

I made a short Ashes of Creation overview video on my YouTube gaming channel! It would be awesome if anyone could take the time to give it a watch and give me any feedback they have to offer too, I am hoping to do a whole series just to celebrate how awesome this game is!

Thanks a lot, be gentle with me, its the first video like this I have made :)!


  • Ok, there is nothing wrong with the video itself. It's well made, well spoken and gives a good overview of the game. The problem I have is that if you search on youtube for "Ashes of Creation overview" you have a ton of other videos that are pretty much the same as yours, from channels that are already fully established and successful. Just going down the list on the first couple of pages you have people like LazyPeon, MMOByte, MMOHQ, IHeartPie, and of course Deathsproxy. Whenever you make videos like this you need to ask yourself "why should people watch my video over someone elses?" In other words, how does your overview video stand out from the hundreds of other overview videos?

    If you want to make it as a youtuber you are going to have to come up with something a little more creative than this. Think outside the box a bit and do your video in a way that sets you apart from everyone else.
  • Its really good video, subscribed :)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your video, and hope you continue making excellent content! Subscribed!
  • @Kynamite

    Video is very well done. You're confidence and your ability for public speaking is pretty on point.

    However i do agree with @midnight-shadow.

    While your video is well done, it does feel a lot like all the other ones out there just reworded. You need to come up with something with a little more flare.

    I was joking around with my Guild that it would be cool if someone could do a News cast on the game on launch. Keep everyone updated on patches and whats new. While at the same time choosing a server and announcing New Alliances, Trade Agreements, Nodes Leveling and or War declarations and change of leadership.

    But this means in game video and steering away from the same video everyone is using on a loop. A good example is my old guild i was a part of. Troll Scroll. On they talked about ESO before it was released
  • Thank you for the feedback those of you that left messages and also thanks doubly for the subs to the guys who did, that really helps so I appreciate it :D!

    I understand your points of views certainly and I would mostly agree. I have never been so interested in like gimmicks I guess in YouTube videos etc. I tend to steer away from those kinds of videos so I think I wanted to stand out by providing consistently great information.

    I guess in my head I have always wanted people to come to the channel, and know that when they do visit they will leave with new information but also trust that non of the information is false and its provided in an easy to swallow manner. Perhaps your both right though and its not enough. I will gather my group and we will try and delve a little deeper and I guess find out flavour a little bit more. Im sure we will tackle that hurdle eventually though as the channel grows :D!

    Thank you for taking the time to message though anything just adds to our considerations at this point so your essentially directly supporting us by offering your opinion. I appreciate you all taking the time!

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