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Shadow Dragon [Hardcore Guild][18+][NA][PVP][Large Scale War/Tactics][Discord]

Hello and welcome to Shadow dragon's.

My name is Draco.
We are a war guild that has played game's like but, not limited too (Shadowbane, Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online) It has been many years since my blade has tasted the sweet nectar of life and it's time to quench the thirst.

There are just a hand full of people left in the Shadow Dragon's ranks so we need more. We are looking for new life to come quench that thirst of blood with us.

We are a hardcore Guild.


  • My daggers are sharp and my intent is clear. Your possessions, your gold, and your life is what I hunger for! We are the shadows, the soul harvesters, the harbingers of woe and heartache! We do not want your honorable, upstanding, lawful citizens to join our ranks. We want your murderers, your thieves, your bandits. We ascend from the bowels of humanity, to crush your spirit and leave you broken and bent to our will. If you are carnage, if you are chaos incarnate, join our ranks and stand in the Shadow of the Dark Master! All hail SHADOW DRAGON!! I am Kiabah Co-founder of this unholy collection and I am not your friend! As the High Power LordDraco has stated, join us, or feel our wrath! Expect us!
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