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Wow, this title snuck up on me!

I'm an avid gamer, streamer, and youtube content creator. I just now got wind of this title because of a COMMENT on a review of another title that I just NOW heard about! Haha This game sounds pretty amazing. A lot of the aspects seem right up my alley as well as my viewer's alley. I'm going to start working on some promo content and spreading the word. Thanks all.


  • Hi and Welcome Ominous, glad to have another youtuber on board to spread the love.

    If you have any questions about the game and what we know so far, I would recommend referring to our information sheet with all the confirmed information on it. This sheet gets updated regularly whenever we receive new information from the devs.

    Also feel free to join us on the community discord to discuss the game and connect with the community, plus get game updates direct from the developers:
  • Welcome Ominous ! Good to have you here Friend! The hype is real. I can't wait to see some vids from you.

    If you need help just take a look at this.
    A Newbie’s Guide: Ashes of Creation Information
  • Good luck on making promo content. We can use all the people we can in this game ;)
  • Welcome to the forums Oninous.
    Figured I would respond since everyone else spelled your name incorrectly.
  • Hah! No worries. haha
  • Heya! Nice to meet you.

    This game has litterally sparked my desire to live stream again after a very long period away. Just working on purchasing a new battle station. Once that's done I'll check out your content friend !
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