Pvp? suggestion? Good/bad?

So i came from a very pvp focused game. Not just "pvp events" open world pvp was encouraged.
Which i loved. Ive never had the thrills, excitement, anger, and enjoyment since i quit that game like 4 years ago. Played it for about 6 years, and im sure most played long term cause the pvp system. To me all these new rpgs coming out in the last few years are too pve focused and deter pvp. Which is boring. And full loot pvp isnt really any better. Ppl can say its "hardcore" but To me it basically makes gear worthless in a sense. So its not that "hardcore. " ashes seems not "too" far off from a good pvp system. But when i read "you get weaker the more people you kill" i almost insta raged. Whyyy make such a goooood sounding game and kill pvp like that. To me and im sure alot of other ppl open world pvp makes the game. What u would like to see is a good open world pvp system. None if this get weak stuff. The game i came from the pvp system went as follows:

Every death you lose exp, a percentage or amount based on current exp(This game took a year or two to get max level), inventory items, and silver or in game currency.

4 colors of name, white, blinking blue, red and black
White name you have 0-29 pk points
Blinking blue you hit someone,or blink longer for a kill
Red you have 30-99 pk points
Black you have 100+

White or blinking you die you only lose exp
Red you have a CHANCE to lose 1-2 pieces of gear. Dropped on the ground abd its a free for all who gets it.
Black basically 100% chance to lose 1-3 pieces of gear. And you get sent to jail upon death.

To lose pk points it was just 1 every 6 minutes. So 1hr per white plaer kill to get back to 0, etc etc.

There is 4 states of pvp (of which other players cannot tell which you are in)

Peace, cant hit anyone
Capture, can hit blinkers or black names (allie/friend/guild member included)
Team, can hit anyone except friends,party members,guild members, guild allies.
PK, can hit anyone. Even friends or guild members or team members

In order to kill a non blinking red name you must be in team or pvp mode. And you blink. High risk high reward (killing whites and going red name yourself or getting killed by someone else in capture)

Pk points went like this.

Neutral white player kill = 10 pk points
Enemy player(whose killed you before) = 5 pk points
Enemy guild = 3 pk points
Blinking blue = 0 (can kill in capture)
Red name = 0 pk points (have to be in pk mode though)
Black name = 0 pk points (can kill in capture)

Im sure some know what game this came from. ;)

I mean im not asking for this exact same pk system, just sayin from what ive played, to be the best pvp system ive seen.
To me what makes a game fun is the conflict, the drama, the politics. The 100+ ppl wars in the open world. The encoragement to engage in pvp. The enemies and allies you encounter in the world. The risk/reward in pvp. By the reward i mean killing a red name. Or getting killed trying to kill a red name. (Something that seems to be taken out by the whole "you get weaker the more ppl you kill" thing). I donno. Also what also made it fun was losing equipted items, inventory items and money that dropped on the ground for anyone to grab. (people hunting/farming)

Juss sayin'



  • I really hope that the pvp is going to be good. It shouldnt be frustrating if u die. Because if u keep dying cause of gankers and you keep losing your stuf with that. Thats frustrating so i hope there finding a good balance with that.
  • If they go the old school route with equipment being equalized, easily obtained and pvp requiring timing and skillfull play ( i mean be honest UO mage duels had about as many skills being used as the skill hotbar shown in alpha videos) and this game could bring back some very large player bases that up to now have had no real place to rest. EVE/BDO/blade and soul and gw2 all have communities that will quite quickly leave them at a moments notice for a good pvp game... (crowfall may arrive way to late).

    Now if they decide to go the way of the item treadmill ala WOW then no.. item drop on death is the fastest way to say goodbye subscriptions you can ever find in any game. Dropping inventory silver/resources is a good way to incentive protecting farming as well as fighting back, but if items take months to obtain and have a chance of being lost? Ya. look to BDO for how fast people quit when blowing up weeks of farming due to rng loss of equipment.

    No thanks.
  • We have this:


    Don't know if you've seen this based off your post but this is what we know so far pvp wise.
  • I believe the flagging system has always been abused and dominated by the larger groups of players. Making pvp servers that are designed in that manner would make it better for the average player.1
  • I will start off by making the obligatory statement that this is pre-alpha and we don't know a whole lot and things are subject to change. That being said, there are some work-arounds that may be in effect for all that we know. It may be that you only get reduced stats if killing outside of a pvp zone. This would make sense if there are dedicated zones to pvp as mentioned in the video above (everyone in pvp zone is automatically purple). It could also be that only killing green players reduces your stats. This would again encourage players to keep their killing INSIDE of pvp zones. The interesting mechanic is going to be the caravan system. I believe that hey said that players can attack and loot the caravan. There will also likely be players guarding the caravan. I think that they will likely make the caravan route a pvp zone, or maybe make the caravan itself a mobile pvp zone.
  • PVP in this game is actually everywhere when you think about it, you can pk, duel another person, etc
    but there are certain things in the game that are not yet 100% approved, so let's just wait for the game release, until then let's have fun in the discord and forums :3
    Guild: MoonlightGlade
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