Alchemy/Cooking Speculation

I'm not certain if any information has been released about how making potions/food/consumables is going to work in AoC, but I want to know what sort of mechanics the community would like to see be executed in AoC at launch.

My speculation is that potions and food are going to be craftable- to what extent depends on a characters skill level for either profession.

I think every player should have the capability to cook and produce potions for themselves (HP and MP regenerating ones only). Then, if a player wishes to delve into either of those professions, they can create some more serious consumables that can deliver better, game changing effects.

This method will ensure every players is capable of surviving on their own AND this method will ensure that these types of professions will be relevent to the community and can thrive off of the income they generate from their consumables.

I also think that level-relevant regeneration potions should be purchasable throughout the game until the mid-levels, thus nudging every player into the direction of creating their own instead of just buying all the potions they need (I mean, you could be a high level character with low level potions in your bag up to its' brim, but that would get annoying and occupy a lot of our bag space [which creates another reason to have players want to craft their own regeneration consumables starting at the mid-level range]).

Any thoughts about how this system will be at launch?
Please share your own speculations and criticize my speculations.
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