A forbidden suggestion: Secret Champions (RP form)

Avadon looked over the intellectual metropolis, and sighed.

"I cross the gates to notice that the cities are reduced to this in their greatness. And only five places can support that level of development as well in these lands. We've sunk so low... and there's virtually no mythical agents within the regions within the lands here, the gods are forgotten, and I sense there's 3 variants of characters, different from my special path..."

Avadon was a military emperor. This meant he had sacrificed crafting to have greater land powers and a 2nd combat class. The only other path this ascension was capable of was the economic variant. That one granted access to a mythical resource truly unique to the involved node, plus allowed for the access of a 2nd division in crafting for that place - at the cost that he would be defenseless.

These 2 variants, unknown to most, would be the key to ascension. Both of them would have amazing mechanics changes, but come at a dire cost to their agenda. Champions could still travel to other regions, but risked being demoted at a single defeat. Emperors would be the ascended variants of the champions, and would never loose their status, but be stuck to one region except if the region or they would be destroyed in battle, forced to move to a nearby region where there would be 2 or fewer emperors chosen by the victors.

Avadon(me) was the only emperor so far. As an emperor, he was in charge of deciding if people were worthy of being a champion, but the path to emperor would be difficult even for the masters. Every emperor was like that.

This day, he was just taking in the scene of the city within his current forced region. But he couldn't decide what to do next. Noticing a caravan, he remembered one of the creeds involving the emperors. Loyalty to the region, even if a place was against it. All the emperors had this amazing power. It meant that such people wouldn't need a contract to defend those trade units. Everyone would assume he's there to protect the trade units, and that was his vow as an emperor - to automatically protect all the economic forces that came through the land he was in, unless he was tainted to become a corrupt emperor. But that meant angering not the people, but the old gods of the lands. But this wasn't all the perks. The military emperor had quite literally forbidden benefits, unlike the more resourceful economic emperors that would exist. It was a choice between the resources or the cities, and only one emperor could influence the region, one could lay siege, and one could travel to new regions per region.

Champions, on the other hand, also had these benefits, but it came with a catch. They would be assigned to be seen as a neutral usually, ignored by the caravans unless they decide to attack. But should they talk with a soldier there, that would be known as an auto-contract if he agrees to defend them, and the champions could always break free, but that meant they wouldn't get paid, and exp would be far less than usual. Both champions and emperors could enter those agencies for mythical quests, however, and agents could talk with the contractors about 'agendas' as well. That is, plans for certain situations - and that would dictate the relations they have with the societies and caravans.

These features were known, but everyone believed the ancient leaders were gone due to the ashes of past legacies in the lands. Bound by their position, it was also known that such people would be under oath never to have bad intents. This mandated faith and respect to those in power - but at risk to trust. And further, such positions had their own variant of the 3 stages - for the gods(gold): neutral of the gods(grey): against the gods(silver), plus a special tattoo on their forehead indicating their position. For Avadon, it looked like a 3rd eye. But how would the people react to the lost leader (plz role-play this suggestion)
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