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Discussion of Item Database Size and Possible Balance Issues Therein

I was excited to hear that in a recent video the devs plan to have both player crafted gear and dungeon/raid drop gear among the highest tier of gear available. In theory this is amazing and I want it so badly, however this could present various problems with game balance as well as overall complexity of items and crafting in general. I have seen a lot of games stumble at these pit-falls and I would like to discuss these issues so that we can work a way around them together. Please cordially discuss the following questions, as I believe that they will have a great impact on the overall feel of the game:

1: How big of an item database do we want? Too small of a number can yield a lack of build variety and everyone having relatively the same items (think Blade and Soul). On the opposite end, a game with a huge number and variation of weapons/armor (think Borderlands) could end up being very RNG based.

Question number one will have an impact on a lot of different things, including my second question:

2: How intricate is the crafting going to be? Low-end intricacy (think Runescape) gets very boring and grindy, while too intricate of a system would just yield overall chaos and confusion (especially when including a large market system). Keeping the crafted items on par with raid items will also be a difficult balance. In order for the crafted items to not be so universal (think the proverbial Rune Scimitar) there will have to be a decent amount of variety in the crafting system alone, let alone within the raid gear.

In the end I hope that we find that Goldilocks Zone between these elements so that it isn't everyone grinding the same raid hoping for that one weapon to drop (which most hardcore players already have) but more of a unique feeling that you have a weapon or piece of armor that is different than most (without the RNG!!!).


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    Well since their making thier perfect games because of what they played in thier lifes. I think they know what a good crafting system is ;).

    Atleast thats what i am thinking.
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    I was hoping to fuel more open-ended discussion from the community with examples of things that they like or don't like. i.e.: I love the diversity of the weapons that you can find in Borderlands, but the RNG that is inherent to that system that allows so many different permeations of similar items yields a lot of non-viable combinations which can be frustrating.
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    1. item database

    The database will be as large as the team can support it - The players may want 10k items but if the team can only support 1k then that is all we are going to get. More items can be added should the game succeed.

    2. Item intricacy

    Similar answer to (1) - Depends on the team size and success level of the game.

    As has been said elsewhere; "In success all things are possible."

    After having played a few MMO's I would prefer the team to keep it fairly simple at launch and then depending on the level of success add only the level of content that will be supported.
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