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World size?

I'm a big fan of big worlds and mean really big, and I don't mind if some areas are not populated by npc or mobs I just want the immersion that world are big and you can almost get lost in it.

So my question are simple, how big are the world, saying It's really big dosent really say anything on the world size I would like to know in square kilometres?


  • Simply put, we don't know, and won't know until they start alpha testing, and even then the world size is subject to change between then and launch.

    I'm also hoping for a big world to explore, although at the same time I'd rather have a smaller world with all the different zones being unique, than them making a bigger world just by copy and pasting the same zones over and over. Also the world will probably seem a lot bigger than it is since there won't be much (if any) fast travel or flying going on, meaning it will take longer to traverse the world than other mmorpgs of the same size.
  • we dont know yet about the size of the map but we now that will be a thousand of player in 1 server
  • [quote quote=12671]we dont know yet about the size of the map but we now that will be a thousand of player in 1 server

    The current design is aimed at 10.000 people population per server.
  • With the node system I think we can narrow it down to 1 continent, at least in the beginning.
  • Big
  • @midnight-shadow put it perfectly. It's unfortunate, but no matter much excited we are to discuss the game the lack of information does make it quite limiting.
  • 1000 players per server seems relatively small... that gave me second thoughts now :/
  • pretty sure they said 10.000 per server
    and by that they mean 10.000 online at a time per server. There can obviously be an infinite number of characters created per server
  • 10 000 players is:

    200 guilds if max guild size is 50
    100 guilds if max guild size is 100
  • Five metropolis nodes worth.
  • "-How large is the game world going to be , say in relation to other mmo's"

    "+that is still being decided. But large I would say"

    Official answers from the discord.
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