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GG EASY - Hardcore PvX [NA]

<GG EASY> is looking for players with a competitive mindset and willingness to learn. We're aiming to be one of, if not THE top guild. Our goal is to own as much territory as possible, control PvE content and consistently hold our own in PvP. We <strong>DO NOT</strong>wish to become a "zerg" guild, instead we ask for a moderately-sized group of skilled players that are dedicated towards getting better.

GG EASY has history in Archeage as <Thanks for Playing> of Morpheus, as well as <kys> of Reckoning. Many of our players have been playing together for around 1-2 years now, while leadership has been together for 3-4. We've learned a lot from past experiences, and intent to keep everything as transparent as possible for our members. We don't have one leader, but a group of players who have earned the guild's trust and put time and effort into making the guild better in some way.

If you're interested, join our <a href="" target="_blank">discord!</a>
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