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Fireside chat

I hope in the future, you guys will host a fire side chat in discord and listen directly to the players on how to enhance your game/ and or update the community on goings on. =)


  • Fire side?
  • meaning a gathering at like an inn to hang out and discuss the game and events, in a voice server.
  • There are some forms of this, but it is currently a bit too early for that to be happening too often and in too public of a setting. There are some current discords and teamspeaks available where you can join to talk about it, and several guild communities have already started accepting people to join for this game.

    Though I agree, it is difficult to find out about without digging. I may attempt to do a compilation of all known discords/teamspeaks/VOIP's with current guilds and such about making a compiled list on my own. Will start that tomorrow or tonight if possible.
  • I like fires and I like chats.

    This seems doable :)
  • But can you really have a fireside chat without beer in a tavern ?
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