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SWG's influence

I loved Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-NGE) and to see some of the team for AoC worked on it makes me so happy;
SWG's systems were so unique at the time:
- could be 2 jobs/classes and re-specing was easy
- gathering buildings and surveying for artisans
- entertaining and crafting specific classes
- becoming a jedi, which took time having to become force sensitive and going through the trails
- could only have 1 character until you became a jedi
- player towns, housing, and shops
- fast travel between normal towns and player towns
- multiple planets
- player built vehicles
SWG's had plenty of problems and shortcomings but I had a great time with it. AoC has so much potential with the developers having worked on many other games. I can't wait to try AoC and to see if anything from SWG influenced it's systems.


  • I played Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) for years especially pre NGE and I love the crafting system and surveying.
    But the system would need tweaking to become a good system in today's games.

    <li>The crafting system has to reward those players who put the time and effort in to it. Those who really like crafting.</li>
    <li>Every character can make some basic items but anything more complicated should take effort to learn and unlock</li>
    <li>Surveying and gathering materials was fun for some in SWG. The best new features that it would resemble would be a skill to locate resources, a location arrow pointing in the direction to go. And gathering skills increasing the yield of mined resrouces.</li>
    <li>Entertainer classes was great for a long time, providing really important buffs to players before adventuring</li>
    <li>A character progression system which could unlock other classes would be good. A goal to strive towards</li>
    <li>You have to be allowed to have as many characters and alts as you like. Its a world of alt'o'holics these days. Starting with limited slots and being able to buy more</li>
    <li>The node system will definitely become the player cities. Shops would be an awesome addition to the trading system</li>
    <li>There is not going to be fast travel in AoC except for the few metropolises that give that bonus to the region</li>
    <li>Continents can be the equivalent of planets</li>
    <li>Player built items is essential, houses, furniture, caravans, boats, forges, windmils, inns etc. And different qualities of each which give different bonuses. The simple items giving a small bonus and being easy to make.</li>
  • SWG crafting was probably the best I've played (only real contender is A Tale In The Desert). Ingredients being of different quality and allowing the crafter to buff an aspect of an item at the possible expense of other aspects was damn near perfect. I hope crafting and the "build anywhere" aspect of SWG is what is being taken to use in AoC.
  • I really liked surveying and such... id like an exploring skill set in a similar vein to it as well. where you actually can gain exp for learning about mobs and going to new places
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