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Hello AoC

Hello AoC,
This looks like the game I have been waiting for since I lost my last home.
Loving the updates that have been coming out and hoping that this is going to be where I spend the next several years of my life. I miss a good community like in EQ/DAoC/VanilaWOW days.


  • Hey velish, welcome to the AoC community! I can totally understand you, this is the first game that caught my interest so much in years of playing. Especially the node and caravan system amazed me for their feeling of reality, as i've always been interested in the economy of MMOs. And what caught your eye in this awesome game? By the way, welcome to AoC and its community!
  • Exactly the same <3
  • Welcome Velish! Good to have you join us friend and welcome to the community.

    If you need help just take a look at this.
    A Newbie’s Guide: Ashes of Creation Information
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