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Unable to make new posts!

I have some speculations I want to share with the community in the "Systems and Mechanics" section, but the forums do not show any of my postings once I click submit. It's like the forum is ignoring / neglecting to submit my post to the server so that it can be displayed. Is there a solution to this coming soon (I saw several other members having the same issue)?


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    I have no problem and I use Chrome and microsoft edge what browser do you use?
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    I have tried Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, and Edge.

    I've tried PC, Tablet, and Cell Phone. None of it works for me when posting in that section.
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    <img src="" alt="Have you tried turning it on and off again :) " />
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    It seems to be a problem with the forums, the samething happenned to me.
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    In edge I have to click submit twice.
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