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[Shop] I do the thing!

Hi (งツ)ว
I do some things like these things:

<blockquote><img src="" alt="Ex 1" />
<img src="" alt="Ex 2" />
<img src="" alt="Ex 3" />
<img src="" alt="Ex 4" />
<img src="" alt="Ex 5" />
<img src="" alt="Ex 6" />
<img src="" alt="Ex 7" />
<img src="" alt="Ex 8" /></blockquote>

More of the things <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>!

How do you get a thing? By filling this thing!
<blockquote><strong>Text:</strong> What it says on the thing.
<strong>Size:</strong> The size of the thing.
<strong>Image/Render:</strong> I can work with screenshots, renders, almost anything tbh.
<strong>Extras:</strong> How you want the thing to look like.</blockquote>

You can also @ or PM me on Discord if you don't want to post your thing here!
Discord: Ten#8916
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