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An Etymologist's Guide to Language (Lore-esque)

Since the lore to this game is more-or-less player-driven, from what I can tell, I figure I might as well try my hand at some of it.
"When the gates open wide from the ashes they will rise and to the ashes they will fall." - Keagan Smith

Before I delve any further into the depths of our ancient etymology let us take a moment to go through a basic background on history. You see there were not always 8 distinct "races". We all used to be one single race, the human race. In fact we went as far as viewing as a derogatory term to describe one's ethnicity. We used the term on the basis of skin color but then we had <em>The Fall</em>. I think it would be safe to assume that any reasonable person who went through even the lowest of education knows what knows of this. Then again it would also be unsafe to assume as such which would be compromising to me as a scholar. In order to avoid this I will attempt to put this in a most basic way.

</em>The Fall<em>, was the first. It occurred period of 2162 and 2174 A.D. It was a 12 year long war that lead to the crumbling of every known thing at that time through the use of WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Few of the human race survived and those who did were spread wide apart in what few refuges we could find in a broken world.

It took millennia for us to become what we are now days: orcs, humans, dwarves, and elves. Each with our own dialects. Which brings us to the centrality of this scholarly piece, the etymology of ancient scripture, the etymology of our current languages, and how those vary.

328 M.E. (Magic Era)
Will be continued. BTW I am a linguist hence why I chose language.


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