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Assassination Idea

I really like the dynamic ideas that AoC will have in the game. I would like to add a suggestion that would add more depth to the dynamics of politics in the game: Assassination. This would be a system that would allow people to hire other players to assassinate leaders of nodes. This can be done by both players from within the node, and players in other nodes.

In order to be an assassin, a player would have to be hired by a government of a node. If the assassination is successful, it will be announced which government hired the assassin. This way, players would know who decided to cause the assassination, and that would allow for the players to enact revenge.

Once accepting the contract from the government, the player would immediately be considered hostile by everyone within the zone of influence of the node. Aggro it would have to be delayed, as to not make it impossible. So, in order for a player to complete an assassination contract, they would have to make it all the way from the border to the location of the target. This would be difficult, however this would put a need for players that are extremely skillful in being stealthy.

Assassinating a political figure could have different effects on the node that the leader rules over. One effect could be completing removing the player from his position of power, however this is a little too much in my opinion. Another option could be removing a small amount of development from the node. The value should not be so large so that it would change the tier, but it would slightly change the value. An additional option could be causing hostile mobs to spawn in the zone of influence of the node. The mobs would be seen looking to take advantage of the political turmoil that would result in the death of a leader.

This is just a random idea that popped into my head, so I am not sure if it would be practical with the final design of the game.


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