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[NA] Support Agency (PvX)

Welcome anyone who is interested or even slightly interested
Founder- Ne0nReaper

Hello everyone this is the Support Agency and we are looking for people of all talents and likes to join us. We are a economic based guild but don't get the wrong idea we need people of all kind so for you PvP maniacs out their you are important to what i would like to do. I would like to make this guilds Pride and Joy it's Caravan Protection service. For this to happen i need you PvP players to help me out. I hope we can all work together. We are small but i look forward to meeting all of you.

<strong>Caravan Protection Service</strong>
This is the Guilds Pride and Joy but to make it so we will need PvP player or any player to help do this. I would prefer are team be high lvl because of the large amounts of PvP Guilds caravans will be a hot spot of PvP. This will require high lvl players so they can compete with other high lvl players and large amounts of mobs or players that might be in the way of the caravan. As always you will be offers a reward for your work and are guild will help maintain your gear to keep it at top shape.

We will need Crafters of all kinds specifying in one craft isn't a bad thing but because of this we are looking for any and all Players who want to craft to join us. I personally would like to be a weaponsmith. Crafters this is a great time to show off what you can do and the power you hold in games like these. As of course we will be helping supply you with materials tho i don't know how much and to what extent yet.

For those of you who prefer PvE i will need players of all lvls for this. Of course i would like us to get to high lvls because i plan on having a group or to participate in world bosses and also we will need people to run Raids and Dungeons. Not to mention explore the world. The perk of this role is you get to find new things and have new adventures granted you will be asked to possibly share some new resources you found so we can try and beat the competition. But you also get to keep most of the stuff you find all i ask for is to inform members of the guild where you found the new resources so we can go out ad get them later ourselves.

If you finished reading all this then thanks for taking the time and i hope you will consider joining us here at the Support Agency
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