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Guild Uniforms

In Ashes of creation discussions, I read that Guilds and Guild alliances are going to be mechanics. Now, what about Guild uniforms a set of armor the guild can make and design logos for. This armor and flags can be used on NPCs and players. If you did this could you have guilds control Nodes and have guards wear certain armor and have flags be influenced by the guilds and their alliances? I think this would add a major RPG aspect into the game, this could have tons of layers to it that could add on to it, for example; in game wars, enemy nodes, and a sense of players making history on their server and add to a more player driven world.


  • Again nodes cannot be controlled by players, but the idea of guild uniforms are awesome, maybe not guild control nodes but you can have a guild hall or house, the crests should also be in a certain art style so that it is more in depth in the game
  • Giving the players any free will with design*

    Will just end up with cock n balls everywhere.
  • If I were to run a guild, I'd have the guild uniform as the knights seen in the game. >v<
  • [quote quote=13123]Giving the players any free will with design*

    Will just end up with cock n balls everywhere.


    This worked out relatively fine in ArcheAge. Yes there were trolls but once they started perma-banning anyone throwing dick picks on their sails that pretty much ended it. You'd occasionally get a busty bikini babe on sails or some anime girl but over all nothing offensive was thrown on guild capes or sails after the first banwave.

    the moral of this story is to speak softly... but carry a large Ban Hammaaar!!!
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