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NA- West Coast - PvX / Self-Aware Guild

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Self Aware will be a Semi-Hardcore guild with a focus on PVX activity. We will be a smaller guild on our server, on the west coast, with a goal of being self sustaining and able to mobilize quickly to assist members or other guilds. As more information is released and we know more about the size of guilds we will adjust our size, at this point in time we are aiming for 40-70 members at launch.

What Self Aware aims for:

Ideally a militaristic node with water exposure

“Smaller” Tight knit group willing to help each other out

Notable server presence

Active members exploring, pvping, crafting and dungeon diving

With all of the prospective aspects of Ashes I am also looking for members who are proficient and willing to step up to be officers of their respective portion of the game that they enjoy.

Guild Aspects

“For Hire” Section – I will be the leader of this aspect of the guild, and open up services to outside guilds and players, whether it be a caravan escort, materials, equipment, or whatever we can successfully provide. Profits from these events will be split with the participating members and guild storage (To be used to help support members, Materials, currency, furnishing, etc.)

Explorer – A member focused on Dungeons and pve events. Officers will need to coordinate with the crafters to find hard to find materials, Someone capable of organizing groups for exploring, clearing dungeons, world events, and assisting with raid type environments.

Patrol – members more focused on PVP action, Officers will need to be able to organize a group of people to protect or destroy caravans, organized pvp, and open world threats to the guild members, freeholds, caravans and protect gatherers.

Gathering – Focused on coordinating with the various gatherers and crafters of the guild to ensure the needed materials are being found and collected. Ideally someone who is able to locate current gathering locations and be the go to person for any gatherers to arrange reimbursement for materials gathered or sold.

Crafting / Market – Focused on the crafting and or market activity, An officer is Ideally someone who is an avid crafter with market knowledge. This person would monitor current marker trends, handle orders for equipment, siege materials

Guild Support

After establishing the guild and earning a nest egg we will use funds to buy supplies, equipment and other crafted or gathered items from members. In which case items will be kept, stored and sold when at higher market value or used to assist members in need of that item (Repairs, new equipment, furnishing, etc.)

For any questions or interest in joining the guild join our discord.

message me directly at ArgentDawn#2124 on discord

or leave a comment and someone will respond.

A heads up.... Self Aware is small and there is no previous community so discord may seem slow until we get closer to the release of Alphas and Betas.


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    Self aware was previously on the forums as Phoenix Rising, this is the same guild with a different name and slightly altered goals. With the guild being on the smaller side we will be fluid and flexible and i plan on having member opinion heard and reacted to. If you want a smaller guild with stronger focus and individual members please feel free to pop into discord or message me directly. Thanks for your time!
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