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Guild rep system?

I know AOC is going to have guild perks but haven't seen anything about a guild member rep system. I'd love to see one because I think guild perks are something that should be a reward for staying loyal and helping out your guild. What I don't want to see is players being able to jump from guild to guild and gave instant access to all perks that guild has earned. Allowing players to have instant access to all guild perks also makes it even more challenging for new guilds to recruit post launch then it already does. I've seen posts in chat in almost every game I've played like "looking for max level guild" . If they made it so it took months to EARM all guild perks it would help encurage members to stay loyal to their guilds and would help newer lower level guilds overcome a major obstacle in recruiting.


  • @Darthaden

    This is a great post!

    I do believe the team will come up with some unique systems for the guilds with this whole economic system.

    Something i believe would be awesome but never see is a way for the Guild Leader to set Goals to rank players up in the guild. Donations, Daily or Weekly Guild Quests the leaders can create, like gathering items or killing X amount of players in pvp, Defending your guild hall. Things like this where if first to do the goal, it will automatically set you up to a higher rank or xp towards your next rank.
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