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This game passively creates mini nations/city states?

I tend to play as warrior type of classes in MMO's (berserker, fighter, guardian, etc..)

As in the title, I am very excited that the devs seem to have thought of a great way to make the players form fluid, natural Micro-nations and City states. Say you and/or your guild are heavily invested in a node, and another player/ guild is also heavily invested in said node... Instantly that makes you brothers/sisters in arms, passively creating allies, as you will want to protect your investment from other nodes seeking to Raze your node to better their own, especially in the Metropolis stage. Not to mention all online players of that node coming to it's defence if a PVE world boss attacks it as has been said by the devs..

The Norse in me IRL personally can't wait to pledge myself to a guild/clan and one of these Node City States. Help build it from the ground up and protect our citizens, Guilds and caravans. As well as any PVE threat the devs can throw at us. Maybe we could even raid another node's Area of Influence and PVP other players in there and hinder their progress in questing and the like? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself..

I can't wait for this MMO, it seems like the one we've all been waiting for.


  • It will be interesting to see whether players pledge their allegiance to a city state or to a guild, and what they would choose to do if their guild attacked the node where they lived. Also will guilds stick to residing in a singular node or be split up amongst different nodes? There are a lot of possibilities here, but if I had to guess, I would say that individual players would value their guild over their city state, purely for the sake of stability. Guilds can run with the same guild leader for years without changing, whereas cities will have the potential to change their leader every month.
  • This is why I'm really excited for this game. I feel like though that if it came down to choosing between your node or guild (cause your guild was attacking your node) I would choose node. I have more of a interest in my node succeeding over my guild. But I can see this causing dilemmas. I also like the ramifications in the open world. If I see someone from a rival node of course I will attack him and I would hope he would do the same thing to me.
  • Ideally I'd like to see guilds become the defacto node protectors. I can see this ending up like Null sec in Eve where guild leaders will control city states and declare war to further their influence with an ever changing frontline.

    I hope that there can be peace though. Peace and diplomacy can bring about some fantastic cooperation and in theory it would be in the best interest of each city leader to work in cooperation with other city leaders to form mutually beneficial alliance for all.

    So excited to get more info soon!
  • Yes! The possibilities with how this stuff will all work together are just so enticing. Battling other nodes with a guild or group of guilds, or furthering influence through peaceful negotiations is not something I have experienced, or at least the marriage of those 2 as viable options. I cannot wait to learn more about how all this will work.
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