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Twitch stream for Kickstarter?

I wonder if we will see a live stream for the kickstarter starting today. Anyone knows?

If you don't know, the official channel is →


  • Yes, they will be doing live streams every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the Kickstarter.
  • Do you know when they start? The one today with the beginning of the kickstarter?
    Thanks in advance
  • They will start today, the time of the stream still unknown but they will tell us when they stream(on Twich) in Discord
  • One of the Discord Mods said something about 3pm PST
  • Someone said after KS start on discord but I'm not sure.
  • Did they record it anywhere. I ran out to my son's baseball game and came back to the twitch page but no video was posted to there channel
  • recording of todays stream, as posted in AoC discord under the media channel -
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