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Release Date

Heya! ^^

I was about to pledge for the kickstarter when I saw this "Estimated Delivery Dec 2018".

I mean I know MMO's take a lot of time to make and Ashes seems worth it for me , but isn't it a bit much to start the kickstarter in 2017(announcement was even earlier , somewhere in 2016) for something that is estimated to come out almost in 2019?

Any thoughts?


  • The game has about 20 or so months of development in already. I expect Release to happen between July and Dec Next year.
  • That's just a placeholder date since Kickstarter requires a date to be put in. The actual release date is still up in the air.
  • Indeed, the Alpha and Beta are going to supposedly be in 2018.
    "Dec 2018" is just a placeholder for KS.
  • If this game comes officially launches anytime in 2018, I'd be surprised, honestly. Personally, with everything their seeking to implement, I'm guessing sometime in 2019, at the earliest.
  • We can hope for sooner..but i doubt it.
  • None of the AoC Kickstarter packages actually state that the released retail version of the game is part of what's being provided by December 2018 - just access to the testing phases, a few items applied to your account, and some post release subscription time.

    Safe bet take every phase (Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, etc.) and add 3 to 6 months pushback to each. 2019 retail release if everything goes relatively smoothly.

    Could be worse - Star Citizen's Kickstarter page is still there:
    AoC will reach retail release before Star Citizen does.
  • December 2018 should be the "official" release date for the game to retail customers, me thinks. It's pretty normal for games (not only MMOs) to have a faraway delivery time in Kickstarter. Games are complicated products after all.

    Supporting the game via Kickstarter gives you access to Alpha and Beta though, which I think would be earlier than the stipulated December 2018. Fingers crossed, we are able to see Alpha this year and maybe Beta in the middle of next year?
  • Steven said "the game comes before 2020"
    Be serious, mmorpg is a big projet and takes a lot of time. AOC do not come out in 2018 it's impossible, end 2019 minimum without delays !

    And no in 2017 the game is pre-alpha, only a few people will test it.

    For alpha KS it's planned in 2018.
    Remember that there is no date, only estimates (Dixit Steven)

    You will not touch the game before 1 year.
    Not to mention that an Alpha is not the complete game, just a piece, bugged ...
  • FAQs# are a thing.

    Can I play the game yet?
    No. The game is currently at Pre-Alpha, meaning that it wont be released for a while.

    When will the game be released?
    The game doesn’t have a specified release date, but the game does have a estimate date of when Closed Alpha [Friends and Family Test] will come out (October-December/Q4 of 2017). The expected date for KS (Kickstarter) Alpha will be December 2018.

    If i buy a kickstarter pledge with alpha access will i be able to play on May 1st?
    No, access to the kickstarter alpha is currenlty planned for 2018(edited)
  • My bad! I saw that the release date was Dec 2018 for all KS categories including those that do not have an Alpha and Beta key and thought it was the expected delivery for the first release?

    From the <a href="">QuoteBin</a>, seems like the first Alpha will be in Dec 2017 and KS Alpha being 2018. Not much data on release except that it will be before 2020.

    Do you have a link to your mentioned FAQ? The one that Sharif posted seems to not have any information with regards to the release dates.
  • ^ yeah guys/gals.
    Dont jump to conclusions and let your hopes cloud what was written.
    That December 2018 is for the alphe/beta testing phases to be operational.
    It is no reference to game release.
  • Does it matter? Most people will stop playing wow for a month to come try this game because it will be labeled as the "wow killer" and then after a month realize its boring AF and come back to WoW. There ya go I just saved you money, now you don't have to buy it.
  • Why are people always like:

    "I understand that making a good game takes time, but when is the release? Hurry up please?"

    It's done when it's done. Not earlier. Everyone complains about bugs in games that got a pressured release or the lack of content yet still people push and push. This wants me to carve someones eyeballs out! (Only virtually).

    Be it 2018, 2019 or 2020. When it's presentable it will be released. As long as it doesn't turn into a Duke Nukem Forever I'm fine with it.

    Deliver quality, not duct tape. Thanks.
  • So Alpha 2 will come out maybe sometime in early 2018? Maybe Q1?
  • Lexdaela said:
    So Alpha 2 will come out maybe sometime in early 2018? Maybe Q1?
    We don't know yet. All we know is that Alpha 0 will start December 15th. Based on feedback and how much time requires to get things fixed, we will see Alpha 1 somewhen in 2018. Same story again, once they fix what was wrong in Alpha 1 and add some new content, we will get Alpha 2.

    I would get at least 4-6 months between every test phase, so I wouldn't expect Alpha 2 before Q3 or Q4 2018.
  • I think the estimate still holds somewhat true, but it may depend on the feedback they get from our friends in beta. 
  • Is there one location we can look at on the forums or the AoC website where the Alpha dates are posted by AoC (rather than other forum users)?
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