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Hello All

Hello to everyone in the AoC community. I have been watching AoC for the past few months and it is looking more and more amazing as time has gone on. I have played many a MMORP in my time, starting with EQ and bouncing around so many that have promised this and promised that. I was a little skeptical about AoC at first after the burn I felt from EQ Next and was not sure I wanted to put funds towards another MMORPG. However; I am happy to say I decided to drop a founders pledge on kickstarter today because I feel that this team of experienced developers can accomplish what they are set out to create and being the MMORPG fan that I am, I am ready to dive into the realm of AoC head first. I am super excited and can't wait to get my hands on this game!!!!


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    Hello Game Geek :)
    welcome to the community, glad that you joined us, feel free to ask anything in the forums :3
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    I'm glad you share the common excitement and decided at last to post on the forums :)

    It sometimes amazes me how big the hype train has grown and the community has exploded within the last month. Let's wait for the best MMO for the time being and hold hands together while singing around the bonfire of phoenix ashes!
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