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Greetings and Sacrilege

Hey all! Been following this game for a little while, just backed it on kickstarter, and now only one question remains:

Do you think that this picture is offensive? It is officially my profile banner. I just made it in paint. I thought it was funny...

<img src="" alt="Pic Related" />

Suggestions to improve it also welcome :)


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    Yes :( it's offensive for most people, maybe just wish for something now copy a well respected prayer from the Holy Bible.
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    Hello Xenocide, I'm not sure I clearly get the message you have in your banner.

    From an artist's point of view I'd use orange font with blue background only to make the text more visible. I've never got these picture banners ^^'
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    It's very creative.

    I guess it depends on the person. I'm a Christian, but can appreciate things when I can see they aren't made to be offensive.

    Otherwise, welcome to the community o/
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    Thanks for backing! Just got done re-watching all the content I could, and man my hype grows every time! I don't think it's offensive, your clearly not intending to be malicious with it, not to be offensive myself but no one should feel insulted by your banner.
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