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NN is recruiting! Come join our guild and be free to do what you want when you want. We are a no holds barred full pvp guild. No restrictions, no hand holding, we do what we want when we want. Everything we do is for ourselves and our community. We do not ally, but that does not mean we can’t be contacted for jobs others may need done, where the dirty work may tarnish their own name…for a fee. We’re a Gaming community that plays/played games such as BDO, WoW, Archeage, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and smaller games such as Freestyle Football, Riders of Icarus and more. We’re now coming over to Ashes of Creation to wreak some havoc. No allies, all pvp. <a href="" target="_blank">Apply Now!</a>

We’re a Gaming Community:
NN is a home; a family. NN is a community of core members that branched off from Laughing Coffin and have proven ourselves across multiple games. NN at it’s core are competitive PvPers and we will continue to expand our community as new titles come out.

No Alliances:
This is a guild that doesn’t look for alliances, nor shall we form them. We are a guild that’s built on the members within it, not on people outside of it.

A True PvP Mindset:
We are and will always remain, a PvP guild. Our members are here to grief, destroy, harass and fight other players and with Ashes of Creation...destroy content.

We are a laid back community of gamers that enjoy pvp and keeping it naughty. We have a wide range of members from females to sexes that can’t be explained. We aren’t prejudice about anyone and make jokes about everyone without taking it too far. We even have members that will kill each other all in the name of fun. If you feel this is a community you could see yourself in, it most likely is. Apply to organization and then Join our Discord. This Guild is not for everyone but if you think you got what it takes to make it; <a href="" target="_blank">JOIN!</a>

Guild Leaders: Illuminaughty, Shanst, Knxlwedge

NN is here to provide PvP to an otherwise Carebear Universe. If you think you’re to be free to build resources or farm for a node think otherwise. We enjoy and thrive in chaotic scenarios, and some have even called it organized chaos. No matter how big or small other guilds may be. NN will be knocking at your door.


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  • Hi please keep it naughty
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    Just a little fun when for honor just launched #keepitnaughty #wesuckedbackthen
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    Just a little fun when for honor just launched #keepitnaughty #wesuckedbackthen


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