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One word of advice - I eventually get banned. It's inevitable. It's not a matter of IF but when it happens.

A justified renegade defined by the exceptions. To prove this, the principle is simple. Law and authority should be replaced with discipline and wisdom. Even mods and admins should respect this principle, or the society can only be backed with corruption.

I'm the widely condemned Spectrum Coordinator, just hoping to cater to all forms of potential, whether good or evil. Backed with golden intents, I expect people to have absolute faith and respect in me, but the weakness to that is trust.

Cordially, and peacefully, I say hello. Tell me not the rules, but please reason with me on my level even if I'm a sworn enemy. I won't steer people wrong, although I give no proof I'm right or not. I just point the way. And thanks for reading this.


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    I say welcome and wonder if i will have to keep my eye on you ;) lol
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    Belated, welcome to the community!!!  
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    Welcome @Developous ! If it was an interesting opening statement you wanted... you have done well! 
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    Welcome Spectrum Coordinator @Developous :)
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    Welcome to the shit show @Developous
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    Welcome to the community and hope you will stay with us for the duration of the games development and hope you don't somehow get banned in the process :wink:!
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    1. I have golden intents. Due to this, I expect, even abusing it, your absolute faith and respect. (not necessarily trust)
    2. I am a justified renegade. To prove this, the principle is simple. People should be governed by discipline and wisdom even over law and authority. Even sworn enemies have a right to their ways, provided they do it in a civil way, and I care deeply for my sense of honor and civics.
    3. Beware - every site I go to, there's always issues. Eventually I will get banned. It's not a matter of if - but WHEN. This has to do with the Latinos curse as I've called it: Amazing socialism and intellect, but cursed to be a whore. If your able to overcome this curse, my essence alone will prove to be more valuable than all the gold and precious gems this planet has to offer.
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    Welcome to the community. Hope you have fun on the forum.
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    Welcome @Developous :)
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    Welcome @Developous

    Interesting introductory post! I would like to question some points just for curiosity:

    - What are you aiming to achieve with my faith?
    - If people are to be governed by discipline who is enforcing this?

    In my opinion I think the Developers, Admin and Moderation team are the ideal people to ensure all members of their community are respected and treated fairly. They have a vested interest in ensuring their community is a successful and welcoming experience for everyone.

    I look forward to your reply!

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