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Composing Music For Ashes of Creation

Hi there, my name is Yuang Chen and I am a composer for video game soundtracks and concert music. I've recently ran into Ashes of Creation on Kickstarter and it is shaping up to be one of the most exciting games I have seen in a while. Since I noticed there is currently no composer/sound person on the team, I would like to inquire whether there is such a position available? My portfolio consists of numerous AAA quality soundtracks:

I would love to hear what the dev members and community think of my work; enjoy!


  • I prefer a Jeremy Soule type music. I can't get enough of his music. Good Luck though!
  • your music is amazing. but won't they face copyrights or something? it seems like these tracks have been used elsewhere.
    also some individual comments about each of your video:
    Battle Music:
    Most bits are high pitched and quick, which will go well in an action, but those slower middle bit is softer and more angelic, kinda hurts the feels. I feel it would be better if the whole thing went with trumpets and drums. but still overall a fantastic work.
    FD theme:
    I think this will go well in a suspense scenario. good choice of instruments, good synchronisation. might also work in node area.
    Destruction of celestial palace:
    Menacing and dark. ideal for when a node is attacked. the chill it sends down your spine, and at the same time the wish to protect are both conveyed simultaneously. very good.
    I'll try to reach steven on discord or something, so yeah. good luck.
  • I recommend checking out

    They currently have no positions for composers listed, but you should just send them a mail anyway.

    <blockquote>Submit your resume here: [email protected]</blockquote>
  • [quote quote=13984]but won’t they face copyrights or something? it seems like these tracks have been used elsewhere.[/quote]
    This is just him demonstrating some of his work as a portfolio. Of course he will make new music if he was to be employed/contracted by Intrepid Studios.
  • Well, they have music in their game trailers so there is clearly someone working on it, we just don't know who it is. I agree with @Stadics though, send them an email with your resume and see what happens.
  • Thank you all for your kind words, I will contact Intrepid Studios!
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