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Now you have done it...

I have been burnt by MMOs in the past not living up to the hype...however the more I read the more I feel myself getting excited! I am going to follow this one closely and hope for the best! At the moment, everything sounds too good to be true: dynamic world, housing, crafting, sandbox, devs that are transparent with the player base...whoa nelly!

Any idea when the kickstarter will begin? Very interested to see what the levels and rewards are and I love the idea of helping fund (what appears to be) a breath of fresh air in the MMO world.

Best wishes going forward Intrepid Studios! :)


  • Welcome :) I don't think anyone really nows when the kickstarter is (if there is one), so far its basicly only speculation :( My guess is that theres gonna be atleast a few more blog before we get told more about the kickstarter.
  • Welcome to AoC and to the community!
  • Considering the date of the original post,  I hope you decided to stick with the Ashes community.
  • There have been so many necros of old joining post recently 
  • Welcome to Ashes!
  • Welcome to the forums :mrgreen:
    Enjoy your stay. 
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  • Welcome to the community...and I hope you are still here lol.
  • welcome :D 
    funfact about ur pic ... in AION my guild had the same so like for your pic :D it reminds me at good times :D and a lot of fun ^^ thx for this
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