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Ashes of Creation Roleplay [Unofficial RP Community]



  • Hey folks!  Halgrave here telling you that we have a new site design.  I also am pleased to report that the activity levels are slowly rising as we get more folks to check us out and partake in discussions.  Thank you for tuning in and we hope to see plenty of you in A1!
  • Just applied to your forum.
  • very nice to see a community for this already
  • Greetings.

    Thank you to everyone who worked on putting this all together. I was very eager to submit my application to your site after glancing through it. I hope you'll have me!

    I'm glad this thread is still going stong for people like me to stumble across.
  • I enjoy the storytelling and creativity of the RP in these games. Im all in! I want my character to be fully part of this world.
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