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New here :)

Hello everyone!

I found the link to this page on the Taleworlds forums. I'm so excited for this game to come out! I have always wanted to find a game where you can personally develop your own properties and forces like this! When I was reading the Caravans section, does that mean you can hire NPC guards to build up your forces or would you need to find a way to hire other players? When I first read about the property and how you can develop your "node" it reminded me of Skyrims housing system ( when you have the mod! )

I'm a vet player on Everquest 2 as well so seeing that some devs originate from SOE I'm excited even more! Glad to be a part of this community so early on!

Anyways, really looking forward to the release of this game! Hope the release date isn't to far out! Well hopefully there can be newletters through email or something so I can jump on and check whats new :).



  • Welcome to our small community!

    In terms of the caravan system there is going to be a way for you to upgrade your caravan, by adding more guards to escort it, and possibly upgrade their weapons. I haven't heard of players having the ability to play guards, but some of us have talked about making a Caravan Guard Service guild.

    - I'm glad to see you being this hyped about the game as well, as it does look very promising
  • WCM to Ashes!!!!
  • Welcome, glad to see you
  • Welcome, regarding your questions:
    BraneGames basicly hits the nail head on, but it should also be mentioned, that some people hope/talk about that there'll be a "player-made" questing system, where you basicly employ other players to do a task for you, so it's certainly possible :)
  • thanks everyone :), again I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here and enjoying the upcoming game :D
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