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Minor forum tweaks

I know this is extremely early on, and you guys are working hard on the game and all. Theres just a few tiny tweaks that would be real nice regarding the forums:

* Make smileys in quote have a height/width of about 20px (fixing the massive smileys in qoute, currently you can do it manually, but its a bit annoying)
* Something like an "agree" button on posts would be nice, writing "thats sounds good" could be handled that way :)
* A "preview" button for posts, so before you post you can quickly check that the formatting is more or less readable (sometimes longer posts just become a wall of text)

This is basicly for once the forum really pops off and more people post :) This is definitely in the "nice to have" category right now, so no rush :)


  • <strong>Side note:</strong> While making the post above I tried using the ul/li tags (should make an unordered list), which it basicly did. It just did it without the dots infront, and with some really wierd spacing. Having the ability to make those lists would be nice too :)
    (I removed it again if you where wondering)
  • This is not to bump my own threat, just adding a bit :) :
    The "share a music thread" made me realize that maybe tweaking video embedding would be nice too, right now it has about double height instead of width, so it takes up a lot of room and you still get black bars. It seems that the embedding is static, and more or less half of the current values fit the post size perfectly (on my screen 700/409). If its not static and done through a php/js that checks monitor size, then just half whatever that is :)

    As always keep up the good work.
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