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[Question] Can we get some more details about the higher tier packages?

Hello all. I recently posted this same question on the subreddit and figured I would put it here as well.

I have currently decided to take the plunge and back Ashes of Creation with a significant pledge backing with the Leader of Men package as part of helping build my guild a presence in the game. Proof - >

I would like to find out some more details of the package especially the guild theme benefits. Do you think there could be a Q/A for the details of the higher tier packages at some point? It would help some people make a decision that might be stuck pondering some of the details especially if a guild group is doing the pledge.

- An example of what is envisioned for standard guild barding, and what the package would allow to be changed
- Some details about the level of detail the guild hall customization benefits will allow
- Further details on the higher tier package benefits as part of a greater explanation at some point in the campaign
- More explanations about the limitations on guilds within the game such as maximium size etc

Wishlist for all of the Leader of Men or higher package holders that are doing the package for their guild. It is a significant investment at 1k compared to the next package down.

- Being able to sit in on the Q&A sessions granted by the royalty package
- More information about guild management or other tools available

Overall my friends and I have been extremely impressed with the amount of communication that has been presented by the community as well as the developers on discord and the forums.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments about my concerns I would gladly discuss them.
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